If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours.

~ Dolly Parton











In supporting our mild autistic gifted child, we try to SMILE a lot (even though we always encountered bumps) and the SMILE acronym contains the basis of what we try to support our gifted child with.

This website is a collection of resources and information about hyperlexic talented children with moderate autism, often known as 2E, for everyone to use as a resource and expand their knowledge. Children that are gifted appreciate learning and challenges to the point of accelerated learning.

We have an amazing gifted son with mild autism, and we are sharing what we have done so far as to help others in supporting and managing theirs too Our method may not be the optimal way but hopefully it will give bits of ideas on how to go forward.

All children have gifts, some open them at different times.

~ Patricia Polacco

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As a small toddler, parents often would dot on when will my baby do certain things and one of them is talk. Our son didn’t

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Line up please!

From small till now, our beloved son loves to line things up. Children with autism often like to arrange objects and toys a certain way.

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Stimulating environment

BLOG Stimulating environment For a hyperlexic child, learning new things daily is a must. Reading daily is a must. Doing calculation everyday is a must.

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