Pedalling a bicycle can be challenging for many children who do not have autism. When a child on the spectrum attempts to do the same, it might become a near-impossible task. Due to the balance and coordination challenges associated with autism, some children with this condition never learn bike riding. Cycling improves body movement coordination and sensory alertness and strengthens weak muscles, and enhances balance. It also increases the confidence level of children. Undoubtedly, cycling is a worthwhile activity to pursue children on the autism spectrum. 


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Getting our son to learn cycling was no easy task as he has problems with coordination and balancing. As we support him, he tried and once he learned how to ride a bicycle without the training wheels, we could see that he was so happy with the achievement. Reading and counting maybe easy for him to learn but learning to balance and having the feeling of freedom was something very precious to him. We could see his confidence level also increased and he felt he belonged somewhere….

For the benefits of bicycle riding, please read the links:

Cycling also promotes calmness and relaxation, something that hyperlexic children need.

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