No clapping and birthday songs PLEASE!

As a small toddler growing up, we brought our son to other children birthday parties, and we do attend weddings and other occasions thinking that he will enjoy them. When he was a baby, during these occasions, he did become restless and cried at times and we thought, it was just a baby thing. When… Continue reading No clapping and birthday songs PLEASE!

‘W’ sitting

Have you ever noticed the way your child sits? Does your child sit in a ‘W’ form? The below pictures shows the ‘W’ sitting position. Sitting in the W-position too often may create tight muscles in the legs and hips. If the muscles are tight, they may inhibit normal motion, affecting your child’s developing coordination… Continue reading ‘W’ sitting

The magic of therapies

Some people consider that children undergoing therapies have problems……are not well….are not functioning correctly and some just pity them.  We consider going to therapies as SMILE, where our son learns to socialize while being merry and happy, where the therapist helps to build the interest in educating while having fun laughing along the way. Our… Continue reading The magic of therapies

Line up please!

From small till now, our beloved son loves to line things up. Children with autism often like to arrange objects and toys a certain way. In fact, these activities often take the place of real, symbolic play ( While according to Autism Speaks (, arranging objects in a specific order or pattern is very common… Continue reading Line up please!


As a small toddler, parents often would dot on when will my baby do certain things and one of them is talk. Our son didn’t have much response towards us or other things around. He loves sitting in a corner and look at his toys, books or papers or anything without much interactions. After reaching… Continue reading Talk…How?

Calming down during travelling

BLOG Calming down during travelling Travelling with an oversensitive child that expects to follow a rigid schedule can be challenging. Loud noises or sounds irritates our son and if a delay  of any sort, not following the schedule or timing he has already been informed about, tears and a very distress child will be surfacing… Continue reading Calming down during travelling


BLOG Cycling Pedalling a bicycle can be challenging for many children who do not have autism. When a child on the spectrum attempts to do the same, it might become a near-impossible task. Due to the balance and coordination challenges associated with autism, some children with this condition never learn bike riding. Cycling improves body… Continue reading Cycling

Let nature help

Touching the grasses and plants is a good form of introduction to nature.

BLOG Let nature help Tantrums and aggressive behaviors do happen when our son was younger and sometimes because of simple things like his schedule is disrupted or changed or when he is overwhelmed by the sounds or food around him. It also happens as he feels stressed with his surroundings as he has oversensitivity.  To… Continue reading Let nature help

I don’t want to eat

BLOG I DON’T WANT TO EAT We love to eat, and we enjoy dining and lavishing ourselves with different foods. I love cooking, I love baking and grilling and steaming or whatever ways that will produce a good meal or dish. Then came our beloved son, that eats only plain rice, bread or fries. Favorite… Continue reading I don’t want to eat